Monday, August 6, 2012

Top 5 PGs in the NBA

Point guards are the premiere players in the NBA right now. Every competitive team has a competent one and on probably 1/3 of teams he is the best player. In the NFL the quarterback is the most important player on the team and in the NBA it may be the point guard. Even LeBron James who is a "small forward" really plays more of a point guard position on offense. He initiates often, makes plays and has the ball in his hands more than anyone else.

Before I go into the top five I just want to name off some guys who barely missed the list, but are still incredible point guards.

Derrick Rose- Purely because of his injury I'm going to leave him off the list. Everyone knows he's top 5 at this position and possibly top 5 in the league.

Stephen Curry- Great player with an awesome shooting stroke and a high basketball IQ. Hopefully he can stay healthy.

Kyrie Irving- Future star. All the potential in the world.

Brandon Jennings- One of the quickest guys in the league who can get hot at anytime and is developing more skills as a pure point.

#5.5 Steve Nash
There isn't much I can say about Steve Nash that people don't already know. He's possibly the best shooter in the league (peep his stats), he is arguably the best passer and I'll say he is the smartest offensive player in the NBA. On the offensive end Steve Nash has no weaknesses. The Lakers are extremely fortunate to have such an elite player coming to their team. The one knock is of course his defense, but when a guy is this good on O, who cares?

#5 Tony Parker
After a somewhat down year Tony Parker came back this season with a vengeance. He dominated during the regular season with the offensive changed that Coach Pop made. With the ball in his hands Tony Parker was simply dominant. Assists numbers were at a career high and the point production didn't waiver at all. TP was truly impressive this year, as was his whole team. He really just continued to do the things we were accustomed to, but at an even higher level. Tony Parker is probably the most underrated player of his generation and definitely at his position, but everyone knows hes one of the best to do it over the last 15 years.

#4 Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook as just a pure basketball player may be top 10 in the league, but as a pure point guard he may not be. By pure point guard I'm talking the days of Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd and Steve Nash pure. Guys who pass first with amazing court vision and an Einstein like IQ. Westbrook is this new age hybrid who is essentially a mini-LeBron with less passing ability. He can fly to the rim and finish over anyone, he can kill you with the mid-range jumper, but can he kill you with the pass? I haven't seen it. I'm not trying to knock him by any means because this guy is a stud. I'm just saying he's not the first guy I'd pick to run my offense. Westbrook's best attribute, in my opinion, above the athleticism even, is his will to win. This guy is so competitive and cares so much and the passion he plays with shines through in his game. He goes 100% the whole time and that's something only the best players can do. So despite my criticism I still think he's one of the best in the game.

#3 Rajon Rondo
If Rondo had a jump shot he would be in that LeBron James/Kevin Durant super elite status. He's a tough defender, incredible passer and efficient scorer when necessary. Rondo is the best player on the Celtics and has been for a couple of years now. When he lead the team to the finals in 2008 he was the Mario Chalmers of the team. Now hes a bona fide star that is expected to lead the Celtics into the next era. Rondo is one of those guys you want standing next to you in a fight. Hes tough and never backs down, which are qualities a point guard needs in today's NBA. Hes a maestro on the court and easily one of the best in the game.

#2 Deron Williams
Deron Williams was stuck in hell the last year and a half. An elite player like D-Will hates to suffer on a losing team, but that is exactly what he did and it seems to have paid off. This is a guy who scored 57 points in a game last season. Not just anyone in the league can do that. In fact thats probably more points than anyone currently in the league has ever scored besides Kobe and "The Hibachi." I don't know if Deron Williams is a scorer before he is a passer, but he does both brilliantly. Whatever his team needs he provides. I think he is the perfect blend of scoring and passing mixed with some pretty good athleticism, not to mention this guy is low-key clutch. Now that Brooklyn has retooled with an all-star shooting guard, veteran small forward, and potential all-star center, D-Will is officially back in the spotlight.

#1 Chris Paul
I don't know if Chris Paul is actually the best point guard in the league. Any of these guys could be considered top dog, but for now I'll say its him. CP3 is a lot like Deron Williams to me. He brings the scoring, but also tremendous court vision. CP3 is completely in control when he's on the court. The way he runs the point dictates the pace of the game for both teams. Whatever style Chris Paul plays is the same style the opponent is going to have to play. I cannot emphasize the advantage that gives his team on the court. He is literally pulling puppet string out there. Paul is also an excellent defender with a nose for the ball. Going in to this season I expect big things from him and the Clippers, especially after how they got swept in the playoffs, but for now I'll let CP3 enjoy being numero uno (even though he'll never see this).

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