Friday, July 6, 2012

NBA Free Agency

The NBA free agency period is always interesting. After LeBron, Bosh and Wade joined forces in 2010 it seems as if every year a big move is going to happen and this year is no exception. We've seen restricted free agents become unrestricted, we've seen stars stay and some go, but the real question is what does it all really mean for next year. Lets take a look at a few things that have gone on thus far.

The most impressive acquisitions are happening in Brooklyn. They kept Deron Williams, brought in Joe Johnson, will probably keep Brook Lopez and might sign Esran Illyasova or Kris Humphries to fill the power forward position. A year ago this team sucked, but going in to the 2012-2013 season they will be formidable in the Eastern Conference especially with Derrick Rose out in Chicago. They wont challenge the Heat, but I expect them to finish amongst the top teams out east.

Coming in slightly behind the Nets are the Lakers. They essentially got Steve Nash for nothing. Four draft picks that don't mean anything to the Lakers. Who is their last good draft pick anyways? Magic? They made a deal to get Kobe so maybe that counts. Anyway, Steve Nash brings the Lakers someone who can reinvent the offense and possibly bring a championship to the franchise. If the Lakers want to win however; Steve Nash is going to need the ball in his hands. It'll be interesting to see how that goes over with Kobe, but the Lakers offensive is definitely in need of a new look and they'll get that by giving the Canadian the ball.

The Phoenix Suns have also caught my attention this off season. The Goran Dragic signing is a little odd since they just drafted Kendall Marshall, but its a great pick up. He is definitely better than Marshall at this point and has established himself as a rising star in this league. He can dice up the defense and has great court vision. He isn't an upgrade from Steve Nash by any means, but he is more than an adequate replacement. Phoenix also signed Michael Beasely, which could honestly be huge. Beasley hasn't produced like many thought he would have coming out of K-State, but this is his chance. As it stands right now, he is the best scorer on that team. He could not only revitalize his career, but finally establish himself as an all-star. Beasley is only 23, which in the grand scheme of life is super young. Lets just hope he seizes this opportunity and finally reaches the next level.

Brandon Roy just signed a two-year deal in Minnesota, which is nice. Three years ago he was one of the top players in the league. I don't think he would come back if he didn't have something left. I expect him to put up 14, 5 and 5. He is an elite talent who has had injury problems. If his knees are better the Twolves are without a doubt in the playoffs.

Knicks got J-Kidd and probably will keep Jeremy Lin. J-Kidd is my favorite player of all time and the Knicks are my team. I don't think Jeremy Lin is as good as some people. He has a lot to improve on if he is going to make it work on this team, but with Jason Kidd as a mentor I guess its possible. I'd rather have Raymond Felton and save some money, but Lin generates millions more in revenue.

Speaking of the Knicks, it looks as though Landry Fields is out. That honestly is the best thing for his career. The Melo trade ruined his mojo, but hopefully he can find it in Toronto.

I'm really interested to see where OJ Mayo goes. The news on him has kind of been dead lately, but like Beasley, I think he is ready to be a star somewhere. All he needs is the chance.

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