Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Top 5 PFs

Here is the continuation of my top five players at each position piece. Today, the PF position which is a position that seems to lack actual power these days, but whatever, that is my generation for you.

#5 Blake Griffin
Some people will probably think I'm crazy for this, but I can't put Griffin any higher than this. His rookie season was incredible and included an array of highlight dunks that we'll never forget. His sophomore season was a lot of the same, which happened to be the problem. Griffin showed no improvement with his jump shot, post moves or free throw shooting. He's an incredible athlete and will be the best power forward in the game if he works on the basics. He has all the physical tools, but he needs to add the skill.

#4 Chris Bosh
Chris Bosh is a weird ass dude. In fact, I thought of leaving him off this list for that exact reason, I'm kidding, dude actually provides for some pretty funny moments. Chris Bosh is now one of the center pieces on a championship team. He's always been a good player despite the criticism he receives whether its fair or not(for the record its often not fair). Bosh is an extremely skilled forward with the ability to stretch the floor, post up and defend the hoop. The Heat might not of beat Boston without Bosh coming back for the final two games and they definitely wouldn't have beaten OKC in the finals. While Bosh certainly isn't a tough guy he brings a toughness to his team when he's in the paint. Bosh plays hard every minute he's on the court and anyone can respect that.

#3 Dirk Nowitzki
This season was a little lackluster for the former MVP. He came into camp out of shape and his team was never able to really hit any kind of stride. On the other hand Dirk is still one of the best offensive players in the NBA. Everything he did in the 2011 finals was no fluke and any real NBA fan knows that. Dirk has terrorized defenders for years and that isn't going to change anytime soon. His game isn't built on athleticism and his skill level is pretty much unmatched. Dirk can do whatever he wants on the offensive end and has quick hands on defense (still not the quickest feet). Now that Dallas has added Oj Mayo, Darren Collison and Chris Kaman they could make some real noise in the playoffs this year. I'm excited to see how Dirk leads this team with all the new editions (we call that a play on words).

#2 Lamarcus Aldridge
This is a guy who puts the power back in power forward. LA is a big guy who has no bitch in him. He is a great shooter from the outside, but he'll mix it up in the paint without any fear. He played second fiddle to Brandon Roy for years and rightfully so, but since Roy's departure he has been the man in Portland. He has carried this team for the better part of two seasons now and will continue to do so for  years to come. It sucks that Roy and Oden haven't been able to stay healthy over the years because who knows what could have been in Portland. Roy was a top 10 player in the league two years ago and Oden showed promise when he did play. Sadly, we'll never know what could have been, but we do know Aldridge will continue to put it down for years to come.

#1 Kevin Love
Coming out of college Kevin Love was known for having a great chest pass. I can't say with certainty, but Love may be the hardest working guy in the league. He has improved in every aspect of the game, except defense, but fu*k defense. This is a guy who lost 25 pounds last summer so he could improve his play on the court. 25 pounds is a small child. He is a great shooter, top notch rebounder and extremely smart. Love doesn't rely on physical tools to overwhelm his opponents, its much more about his brain. The difference between Griffin and Love is that Love has figured things out already. He knows he is undersized and he knows he's not a great athlete, but that doesn't stop him. This guy just keeps working harder and getting better. I could see Love being an MVP one day because this guy just wants it more than most and hopefully that translates to more wins for his team this year.

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