Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Top 5 SF

The small forward position doesn't really leave too much mystery in my opinion about who the best is, or who the second best is. We all know that by watching the finals. The last three spots are much more open to interpretation.

#5 Luol Deng
Luol Deng is quietly one of the best wing players in the NBA. Then why don't we hear about him? Simple, hes too dark. I'm kidding. I love black people, but seriously I have no idea why he doesn't get more recognition. He is a great defender, versatile on the offensive end and seems like a great teammate. SF is probably the second deepest position in the NBA so the fact that Deng can go out on a nightly basis and compete well against guys like LeBron James and Kevin Durant really tells you something. Not to mention with Derrick Rose missing so much time this year he really carried the Bulls.

#4 Andre Iguodala
Andre Iguodala is tough. This guy brings his lunch box to work everyday and competes. He is a utility guy in the realest sense. He defends, he scores he passes and he is pretty clutch. The fact that he is on team USA for the upcoming Olympics is a testament to his hard work. He's a guy that everyone likes because there isn't anything not to like about him. Hopefully he can get on a team with real championship aspirations before its too late.

#3 Carmelo Anthony
Melo is arguably the best scorer in the NBA. I think he has the best mid-range game personally, but there can be a debate made there too. You can't debate the fact however that Melo is an elite talent. His skill level is off the charts and his ability to take over the game is almost unmatched. He could improve defensively and as a play maker, but he has to want to do that. I think Melo is a good defender when he puts the effort in and is an exceptional passer. Its just a matter of him wanting to do those thing consistently. If the Knicks want to get over the hump then Melo is going to need to take his game to the next level.

#2 Kevin Durant
I was never a big Kevin Durant fan. I knew he was a great player and enjoyed watching him, but I guess I wasn't overly impressed like I thought others were. This season I watched a lot more of his games and really started to understand how special this guy is. He is definitively the best offensive player in the NBA. He is a 6'10" shooting guard pretty much. I saw him play three times in the past year. Twice in lockout games and once against the Wizards. Every performance was more impressive than the next. His shooting stroke is effortless, his handles are impeccable and his ability to score is incredible. There are very few holes in Durant's game, but those holes are tiny. The fact that he is only 23 is scary. Is it crazy to think that in five years this guy could possibly average 40 a game? I don't think so, well maybe not 40, but the other side of 35. Over the next few years the torch is going to be passed from LeBron to KD, its evident, so once that happens who will be able to stop him?

#1 LeBron James
LeBron's run through the 2012 playoffs was unlike anything we've seen in close to 20 years. This was a man on a mission. He ripped through the Knicks, destroyed the Pacers, finally put an end to the Boston era and schooled the new kids on his way to a championship. LeBron definitely had help on his way to the championship, but not as much as we expected. Dwyane Wade was hampered by an injury and Chris Bosh missed several games. No matter the circumstances LeBron rose up. He's been the best player in the game for years now and this championship just cemented that. He can guard five positions, he can get to the rim at will, he makes teammates better and is a force unlike any other. All the criticism was put to rest this year. LeBron is the best in the game and no one can argue that.

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